Spare Link for JUUK metal Apple Watch Bands

Spare Links


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Spare links for all of our metal bands to fit larger wrist sizes.

If you're placing an order for more than one band, please indicate model, size, and colour/finish of the extra link(s) you're ordering for.

If you're only ordering one band, we'll assume the extra links should match your order.

Here are the lengths of each additional link that you can expect to add to your band for each model:

38/40mm & 42/44mm Revo: 5.5mm

42/44mm Locarno: 7.0mm

38/40mm & 42/40mm Ligero: 8.6mm

38/40mm Vitero: 8.40mm

42/44mm Qrono: 7.10mm

42/44mm Vitero: 8.6mm

42/44mm Velo: 8.0mm

42/44mm Qrono: 7.1mm

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