COVID-19 DELAYS: during this pandemic period, it's sometimes taking weeks just to get the shipments onto a drastically reduced fleet of cargo planes and out of Hong Kong, so please be aware that the more economical shipping options that we offer for free, or close to free (DHL eCommerce, SF Express, etc.) may take many weeks, despite what the estimates state when you check out. Six to 8 weeks for delivery is very normal right now, and we've even experienced longer than that. If you need it quickly, we'd highly recommend the paid express options (DHL Express, TNT, UPS, etc.).
We offer three international shipping options, and the options vary on any given day, when you checkout, to give you the best options available at that time.  The options will show the cheapest method, the fastest method, and the best value so that you can find the best one that matches your needs.
We ship out of Hong Kong 2-3 business days after an order is received.
*There is free shipping upon spending of US$100 or more covering up to a maximum of US$22 in shipping costs, using an economical method that will have only partial tracking capabilities. If you don't see a free shipping option, it means that the cheapest possible option exceeds $22. However, for all shipping options you see, free or otherwise, we've already subsidized it by up to $22.
For example:
  • Option 1: Hong Kong Post E-Express costs $15 - you pay $0 if you spend over $100
  • Option 2: DHL Express costs $35 - you pay $13 if you spend over $100
Please note that your country's Customs Department may charge you import duties that we will not be responsible for. The estimates for taxes payable when you receive the band(s) will be shown when you check out so that you'll know what to expect.
Apple Employees - if you're using the discount privilege from The Source program, please note that we cannot cover any of your shipping costs. Since our website cannot automatically distinguish between Apple employees and our customers when calculating the shipping costs, we will be following up each order with an email with payment instructions to make up the difference in shipping costs via PayPal. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.