20mm Vitero (Aluminum)
20mm Vitero (Aluminum)
20mm Vitero (Aluminum)
20mm Vitero (Aluminum)
20mm Vitero (Aluminum)
20mm Vitero (Aluminum)
20mm Vitero (Aluminum)
20mm Vitero (Aluminum)

20mm Vitero (Aluminum)


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We've brought our best-selling Vitero design to the masses! These were developed for regular watches and will fit any regular watch with a lug width of 20mm.

Inspired by vintage race cars with the stripe of distinction, this is the most unique band around. Wearing this one tells people you’re not among the crowd, but beyond it. You’re not a follower but a trailblazer that sets your own path. You do things your way, and this band shows your true colours.

Inspired by vintage sports cars with racing stripes and sports car tire tread patterns, our latest creation incorporates a very aggressive "Y" link design and a fun colour pop with differential colour grooves.

Using 6000 series dual-colour hard anodized aluminum, we've created a very unique look to add some personality to your regular watch not found anywhere else. In fact, it's not even found in the rest of the watch industry!

As mentioned above, this was designed to fit any regular watch with a 20mm lug width, which is shown here:

The Vitero is not just a pretty face though. We've put a lot of work engineering this so that it's comfortable to wear and fits beautifully around your wrist.

We went back to the drawing board when we designed and developed this from scratch. As you can see below, we engineered each link to be uneven when laid out flat:

The result when worn is that it forms a perfectly smooth curvature around your wrist, as seen below. It's absolutely stunning and most watch brands don't even make this extra effort with this level of detail.We're excited to now bring this best-selling Apple Watch band to everyone else...so no Apple Watch? No problem!

This Vitero band, made of 6000 series hard anodized aluminum, fits all regular watches that use normal springbars with a 20mm lug width

  • All bands have a matte finish
  • It has a solid 316L stainless steel double push button butterfly deployment buckle
  • The main body of the band is 20mm wide
  • The band itself is 198mm (7.80 inches) and the overall fit will depend on your watch head length
  • This band uses an EZ springbar system so you can easily use it without tools
  • The main links are 8.60mm and there are 2 smaller links at 5.10mm
  • This allows finer adjustments of: 3.5mm, 5.1mm, 8.6mm, 10.2mm, 13.7mm, 17.2mm and more
  • 55 grams
  • All bands come with either a proprietary tool for easy link removal
  • PLEASE NOTE: watch head not included; this is only for the band

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