Apple Watch Space Grey Aluminum Has Gotten Darker Starting With The Series 4

Apple seems to change the hue of their colours after a few generations. Witness the current iPhone 12 in the product(RED) colour, which is noticeably more orange than previous product(RED) versions of the iPhone XR and 11.

We also see that the Series 4-6 Space Grey aluminum is darker than Series 0-3, as you can see by these photos:

Apple Watch Series 4 versus Series 1 Space Grey Colour Differences

Currently, all of our grey aluminum bands (Ligero, Velo, Qrono and Vitero) are colour-tuned to the Series 0-3 so far, and will be a lighter shade against the darker grey colour.

We'll update this blog as we get new inventory that matches the darker grey colour, so please check back later.