Our Story

How We Started

Inspired by the jukebox, where songs are changed frequently, based on mood or preference, JUUK (pronounced "juke"), offers quality, choice and value.  Our goal is to make Apple's "most personal device ever" even more of a pleasure to wear!

JUUK is founded by Eugene Ho, a Canadian with over 24 years of product development experience in the watch industry. His current watch company, Pacific Watchworks (http://pacificwatchworks.com) has been helping other brands develop and produce their own watch lines for over 13 years now.

While previously working for major watch groups, he developed components and whole watches for labels such as Hugo Boss, Tommy Hilfiger, Timberland, Ecko, and many others. Now, he is using that experience and his long-term relationships with reputable factories to achieve his vision to create beautifully designed, highest quality Apple Watch bands, while ensuring fair prices for the consumer. As befitting the Apple Watch, design, quality, fit and finish will be a top priority.

 What Makes Us Different

Our technology and manufacturing processes are the finest in the industry. For nearly 20 years, we have assisted our clients with producing watches of excellent quality, and the factories we are partnering with have been manufacturing for even longer than that. In addition to working with Pacific Watchworks, the factories also manufacture for major Swiss brands, providing precise standards and the highest calibre.  We could use less expensive factories, but we feel that your awesome new Apple Watch deserves to be paired with only the best bands available, so we won’t skimp just to make a few extra dollars.  We hope you'll appreciate this focus on quality as well as our designs, and that you'll love pairing your Apple Watch to one of our many options.

JUUK is passionately crafted by watch people for watch people.

In our JUUK metal bands, we use only solid 316L stainless steel, one of the highest grades of steel used for watches, or hard anodized 6000 series aluminum that's commonly used in the nautical, automotive and aircraft industries requiring a high strength to weight ratio. All of our original designs are our own, and not only are our custom designs comfortable but they exude the same level of sophistication and presence of Swiss watches many times their value.

The integration with the Apple Watch is seamless because we tailor each endpiece to each band's design, where most others just use the Apple connector made for leather/rubber straps, then attach a generic watch band that's inexpensively and easily sourced from stock catalogues.

We go to extreme lengths to refine the smallest details. In our satin-brushed versions, for example, the sides of the band are polished instead to better match the polished steel Apple Watch when viewed from the side. This attention to detail is even extended to the pushers on the buckle, where only the outside edges are polished on the otherwise all-brushed buckle.

The fit and finish are superb and befitting the Apple Watch because we use the same standards and tolerances as the Swiss. We use solid, push button butterfly  buckles found on many premium brands. For the band length adjustment, we use precision screws or custom developed capsa pins instead of inexpensive cotter pins so that you can do it yourself in a matter of minutes with the included tool. You can visit our Blog to learn even more about our product development.

These seemingly small details all add up to a very luxurious experience to meet our goal of transforming the Apple Watch from a cool tech gadget to use into a timepiece you’ll love to wear. We achieve this through strict quality control standards and just as importantly, we partner with factories that also manufacture for major Swiss brands. We come from the watch industry, so this is all we know…but we know it very well.

Let's use the brushed Locarno that you see above as a case in point. If we had one of the Swiss brands that the factory produces for stamped into this watch band, it would retail for over US$1,400 (we know their exact markup). Yet our Locarno is only US$169 and it comes off the exact same assembly lines and are made by the exact same craftsmen who make the Swiss branded watch bands. While you would probably think that the Swiss have astronomical markups (and you'd be correct in thinking this), what we'd like to you focus on instead is the tremendous value we're offering for the same level of quality, craftsmanship, fit and finish in our JUUK Apple Watch bands.

If you're looking for best metal bands to match the Apple Watch's high level of quality and prestige, JUUK is your only choice. Made by experts in the watch industry...not by gadget accessory companies. Just have a look at what our customers are saying and you'll be convinced we're not exaggerating.

Afterall...why buy a Ferrari only to put cheap tires on it?